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Charging at St1

Today you will find charging options at over 70 of our stations. The charging stations you find with us are technology neutral so that you can charge with us regardless of what kind of electric car you drive.

In addition to our own charges we also have charges from our partner Recharge on our sites. 

Welcome to a great charging experience at St1!


Tips for faster and more efficient charging

  • Do not start the long journey with charging. A battery with a good operating temperature is charged more efficiently than a cold battery.
  • Stop charging at approx. 80 percent if you don't need more - the last percent are more expensive and take longer time to charge.
  • Start charging at low battery percentage if you can.
  • Choose the right charger. If your car cannot charge with more than 50 kW, it is a waste to use the lightning charger as long as you have an alternative.
  • Drop your shoulders and charge when you can, not when you have to. Little is as boring as running out of electricity on the road, and you benefit from a stretch every now and then.

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